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About Us

“Our mission is to change the way auto dealerships and floor plan financing are managed using real time data to maximize your results.”

Our solution connects dealership management, sales staff, your floor plan finance partner, and your customers to improve the way your dealership operates.

We understand that the most important activity that a dealership performs is customer service. When a customer arrives at your dealership, your ability instantly locate a car they are interested in has a direct impact on their first impression, their confidence level, and the likelihood of them doing business with you. The longer they are asked to wait while a car is located the lower the likelihood of them buying a car from you.

Some of the main benefits our solution provides:

  • Real time inventory control
  • Vehicle movement history
  • Instant vehicle location
  • Continuous audit capabilities
  • Real time accounting reconciliation
  • Floorplan audit automation
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved customer experience

goIDit helps you reduce costs and improves the way you and your staff interacts with customers. Let us show you how our solution can drive costs out of you operations, improve your position against new online competitors, and appeal to a new generation of buyers that are increasingly connected, online, and using mobile devices to shop and buy products.