Get goIDit and start improving today!

goIDit is an affordable wireless device that plugs right into the standard On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBD2) and automatically acquires detailed information about the location, make, model, year, etc. for each vehicle through our secure cloud services.

The functionality of GoIDit can be securely accessed through any connected device and provides instant value to management, sales, finance, and customers. With a quick search users can see exactly where any vehicle is on a map of the dealership. When a customer arrives at the dealership, being able to instantly locate a vehicle has a direct impact on their first impression, their confidence level, and the likelihood of them doing business with you.

Goidit provides the data you need to make better management decisions. As an example triggers can be set for vehicles that haven’t moved in X number of days or for vehicles that have been test driven X number of times over X number of days but remain unsold. This allows you to improve the way you manage inventory turnover.

The GoIDit solution doesn’t use costly cellular communications which significantly reduces the operational costs. Why not stop the chase today and start improving your operation, tighten your controls, and outpace your competition.

Most dealerships spend far too much time and labor locating vehicles because they’re constantly moving. They may be out for test drives, checked out as loaners, or simply moved to a new location. With the goIDit you can track and instantly find any vehicle in your inventory which directly impacts your operational costs and improves your management controls and customer service.



  • Real time inventory control
  • Vehicle movement history
  • Instant vehicle location
  • Continuous audit capabilities
  • Real time accounting reconciliation
  • Floorplan audit automation
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved customer experience

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