Virtually all smart phones manufactured over the last several years fully support QR Codes without any need for additional software. iPhones and Android device users can simply scan them using their regular camera app.

The vast majority of smartphone users are familiar with how to scan QR codes, as they have become ubiquitous for accessing information easily and quickly.

Customers simply open their camera app and point the camera at the QR Code. The camera app recognizes the QR code in the image automatically and displays a popup – either at the top or bottom of the screen. The customer simply clicks on the popup to follow the link and visit the Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) for that vehicle.

goIDit also can provide your dealership with posters and rack cards that explain this process and advertise to your customers that the goIDit solution is available at your dealership for their convenience. Furthermore, you can also customize the QR sticker design to include information such as warranty offers or instructions on how to use the QR codes.

More information on custom QR designs can be found in this FAQ.

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