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of Buyers research vehicles online first
of Dealers interact online with shoppers
of Buyers desire an all-online shopping process
of Buyers have disappointing experience

Give your customers what they desire!

Improve their shopping experience by connecting their on-lot experiences with your online resources.

See how goIDit can help you innovate your customer engagement!


Connecting Customers to Dealerships

We provide simple solutions that produce Big Results.

For example, our pre-printed QR codes link every vehicle in your inventory directly to its VDP on your website. Customers simply scan them for a safe contactless shopping experience.
This allows you to capture high-quality leads from your on-lot shoppers and effectively present the latest pricing and incentives information.

Improved lot activity insights for you, improved shopping experiences for your customers!

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Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

"goIDit gives us the ability to serve our customers in a safe and efficient way without compromising the level of service they expect from us 24/7."

Rob Ruth

Dealer Principal, Bob Ruth Ford
"Our goal is to provide information to our customers any time they want it and goIDit allow us to do that"

Bruce Kilgore

Executive Manager, Bondy's Nissan
"goIDit has proven to be a great option for our customers to start their buying process online after hours."

Maria Nealy

Marketing Director, Bob Luegers Motors

QR Solution

Pre-printed QR Stickers link vehicles to VDPs and provide customers with a safe contactless shopping experience.


RF Tags for vehicles and keys enable 24/7 location visibility. Customers can now easily navigate your lot to find exactly what they are looking for.

RV Dealerships

Our solutions make navigating the RV shopping process effortless – from shopping and service, to lot porter management.

Why Choose goIDit's Customer Engagement Solution?


Connecting Customers to VDPs

Our QR-based customer engagement solution enables you to easily and automatically capture high-quality leads from your on-lot shoppers – capitalizing on the interest they are expressing and bridging the last mile of the shopping process.

This system does not replace your digital marketing, but extends it to include your on-lot presence.

They are always available, even when you are not, allowing you to capture leads from weekend and off-hour shoppers. By directly linking each QR to the vehicle’s VDP we let your shoppers access vehicle details, up-to-date pricing and all available incentives – maximizing the opportunity to turn shoppers into buyers!

The goIDit QR system is easy to use:

  • They can be read with the camera on a phone.
  • Virtually everyone is familiar with them and knows how to use them.
  • Simply point-scan-click will get customers the information they desire.
  • Our QR stickers can be customized to represent your branding, your messaging.

Customer Engagement QR Example 1
Customer Engagement QR Example 2
Hello Auto Group QR Sticker Design

Our QR Code Solution has been recognized by AutoTech Outlook in 2020 as a Top Dealership Management solution. Find the article here.

Installing our QR Solution is as easy as 1-2-3:


Streamline Operations

goIDit's also provides RF-based trackers that work together with our app or gateways to update location information automatically and in the background. RF-based tracking enables your personnel to efficiently locate and track any vehicle on your lot or during its recon process. Our RF trackers can be used to track vehicles as well as keys, so you never need to hunt for the keys and leave a prospective customer waiting!

RF Asset Tag

Locating Vehicles and Keys
Our RF Gateways are the ideal companions to the RF trackers whenever you want to update at fixed locations such as Key lock boxes, at specific stations during recon, or in your offices.


Automation around the clock
Our RF and QR based solutions offer a great way to augment your lot porter operations, particularly for RV dealerships. Our app and asset tags work together to help you assign movement tasks to porter based on their location and availability, monitor progress, and track vehicle location - improve your efficiency and customer service using goIDit's solutions.

Porter Solution

Management and Monitoring
The Lot Porter delivered the customer vehicle to the service lane for pickup!
Sam is guiding a customer to their desired vehicle for test drive!
goIDit informed Alice that the keys she needs are on Jim's desk.


Navigate the Shopping Process

RV Dealership Customer Engagement
Do you ever find yourself or your sales personnel struggling to find a vehicle on the lot that you want to show to a customer? Don’t lose any more customers and sales! Our location solutions can solve this problem for you.

Empower your sales staff to better serve your customers.

You only get one chance to make a good impression on a new customer that visits your dealership. By giving your staff instant access to your inventory, and up to date location information of each unit, your sales staff are better prepared to impress your customers and close more business.

goIDit provides a battery powered sensor that gets attached to each unit on your lot and associated with its information – identifying it by make, model, year, VIN, and stock number. Our app running on a phone or tablet detects the sensor as staff move around the lot and updates the GPS location of each unit. Any user running the app can quickly search for and locate any unit on your lot.

Our app also updates porter location automatically and allows your staff to optimally assign tasks to each porter via our web portal.

When you streamline the buying and service experience you improve the customer satisfaction levels and sell more units.

Locate any unit on your lot!
The small battery powered sensor is on-boarded for a unit and placed inside of it.

Simple Location Updates!
Each unit broadcasts a unique serial number which is used to update locations.

Easily Reusable!
The sensors are reusable and can easily be reprovisioned from one unit to another.

goIDit helps you to:

  • Automates the way you track and locate units in inventory
  • Sell more units
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Be better prepared to serve customers
  • Run your dealership more efficiently

Don’t waste time and money searching for units on your lot. Get goIDit and improve your operations today!

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